One Good Mama Bone

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Set in early 1950s rural South Carolina, One Good Mama Bone chronicles Sarah Creamer's quest to find her "mama bone," after she is left to care for a boy who is not her own but instead is the product of an affair between her husband and her best friend and neighbor, a woman she calls "Sister." When her husband drinks himself to death, Sarah, a dirt-poor homemaker with no family to rely on and the note on the farm long past due, must find a way for her and young Emerson Bridge to survive. But the more daunting obstacle is Sarah's fear that her mother's words, seared in her memory since she first heard them at the age of six, were a prophesy, "You ain't got you one good mama bone in you, girl."


One Good Mama Bone was released in February 2017 to rave reviews. It made the list of upcoming Fall/Winter books in “Deep South” magazine. This novel features another farm animal, chickens, too!


About the Author: Indraloka board member, Bren McClain, says in her heart, you’ll feel her love for animals. And in her hand, you’ll see a pencil. Always a writer through and through. Bren was born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, on a farm. She has a degree in English from Furman University; is an experienced media relations, radio, and television news professional; and currently works as a communications confidence coach. She is a two-time winner of the South Carolina Fiction Project and the recipient of the 2005 Fiction Fellowship from the South Carolina Arts Commission. McClain won the 2016 William Faulkner –William Wisdom Novel-in-Progress for Took and was a finalist for the 2012 Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Award for Novel-in-Progress for One Good Mama Bone.